I’m sure you’ve heard all the talk: It’s very important, these days, to have some sort of social media presence. If you’ve signed up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or some of the industry forums, get ready to invest a lot of time in them if you want to get some kind of traction whatsoever.

Pay close attention to how people interact with each other on these sites and then follow suit. Once you see how everyone is interacting and you feel comfortable, join the conversation and provide lots of useful information and free advice. You’ll be surprised how much people will appreciate your contribution. But keep in mind the pace of social media. It is fast and if you don’t keep up, you may fall behind.

What kind of information would people like to hear from you?

Some suggestions would be…

Product information: Keep people up to date about the latest product releases and new features.

Customer Service: Post solutions to common problems, tell what the best practices are, and give tips for using products. Solve someone’s problem publicly if they post it publicly. It will show that you stand behind your product and that you’re enthusiastic about helping others solve problems.

Customer Testimonials: Have some of your customers give testimonials about the positive experiences they have had with your products and how they’ve conquered certain circumstances using your products.

Deal and Specials: Offer special deals and specials just for your social media friends – but no hard-sells. If your site is good, it will speak for itself. One of the biggest reasons people Friend, Follow, or become a Fan of your business or organization is to learn more about deals and specials.

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