Every best-selling product starts with a great idea. Here’s where you can get bright product ideas:

1. Forums. There are so many forums in the internet right now where you can easily obtain great product ideas. Visit those that are frequented by your target market. Read through threads to know their needs, demands, goals, and problems. These are the best things that you can convert to products.

2. Keyword suggestion tools. If you don’t have the time to monitor forums, you can just go ahead and perform a keyword research. Through this, you’ll be able to figure out the terms being used by your target audience when they are looking for specific products online.

3. Conduct a survey. You also have the option of conducting a survey to know the pulse of your prospective buyers. Got a high quality opt-in list? Then, send questionnaires and surveys to your subscribers. Make sure that your surveys are easy to understand and quick to fill up. Also, use open-ended questions as much as possible to encourage your target market to share their opinions.

4. Brainstorm with other ebusiness owners. Contact those people who are targeting the same niche and brainstorm about the best product that you can create. I am sure you’ll be amazed as to how much ideas will be thrown at you that you haven’t even thought of before. List these down and don’t just rely on your memory.

5. Do your research. What products are selling like hotcakes these days? Find the answer to this question by checking out reputable online and offline resources and by talking to people who are considered shopping gurus.

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